November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, which makes it the perfect time to discuss diabetes info, tools for prevention and management, and share with you a product that has helped improve my personal health and lifestyle. Between working full time as an ICU nurse, traveling, and operating multiple social channels it’s important to me to stay #HeartConscious and lead a healthy lifestyle. Making the changes in my younger years will help decrease my risk for chronic illness in the future, so I am thankful that Withings has made it possible for me to manage my overall health, improve my daily wellbeing, and manage my goals through a network of connected devices and apps!

Being a nurse, I often encounter patients with multiple comorbidities who find it difficult to monitor vitals, keep track of weight loss/gain, and overall lead healthy lifestyles at home. I love that Withings is revolutionizing the healthcare world and making it easier for individuals to have better control and knowledge about their health.

World Diabetes Day

November 14th might be #WorldDiabetesDay, but diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects a large portion of the population every day. There are two forms of diabetes, but in short, they affect the body’s ability to either produce or properly use insulin. Insulin is a hormone created by the pancreas and its function involves taking the sugars from the food we eat, and turning it into energy for the body to use. When insulin is unable to be utilized properly, the sugar in your blood stream increases and can lead to many other health issues like kidney injury, nerve damage, stroke, and heart disease. There is currently no cure for either type of diabetes, however, type 2 diabetes can often be delayed, avoided, and maintained with healthy lifestyle habits like eating well, exercising often, and weight management. Making the choice to live a healthier lifestyle can be challenging so having the right tools is key to success!


Withings is an amazing company who has those tools. They offer thermometers, various health watches, blood pressure monitors, sleep tracking mats, and scales that all connect to your user profile on the Health Mate App. I personally use the Body+ Scale and it’s the perfect device for my lifestyle. The scale is able to monitor my weight and BMI, analyze my body composition, connect with myfitnesspal food tracking app, tell me the weather (I mean, come on that’s pretty cool), and it’s able to recognize up to 8 different users so my husband can track his health too! It also has a pregnancy and baby mode for those mamas out there! 

Want to improve your health management and get a scale of your own? Head over to Withings.com and use code MADDI20 for 20% off the Body, Body+, and Body Cardio scales!

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