My Shift Essentials

My Shift Essentials

Working 12+ hour shifts can be challenging sometimes, but having the right tools can make the day go a whole lot smoother! Below I have attached my shift essentials and where I found them!

“My Caboodle” as I like to call it!

One of my favorite purchases was my desktop organizer. I use this to hold ALL my supplies throughout the day, and then I throw it in my locker at the end of my shift. Generally in the ICU we sit at a mobile computer right outside our patients rooms so this makes it easy to keep all my items organized.

Foldable Clipboard

I love this medical clipboard! Not only does it have helpful information on the outside, it folds and fits inside my caboodle. I use this clipboard all day, from taking report to holding important papers.

Keychain Flashlight

Let’s face it, caring a big flashlight around in your pockets can get annoying. So when it comes to checking pupils and performing neuro assessments this lightweight flashlight never fails me. I love that it’s easily accessible and easy to clean!

Keychain Sharpies

Okay so I literally use to lose my sharpie every shift until my husband got me these mini sharpies for Christmas! I have 2 colors attached to my badge at all times and it makes life so much easier! Need to mark output on a chest tube? Need to label your tubing? I have a sharpie for that!

Trauma Scissors 

It’s always a good idea to carry scissors. I feel like I am constantly using these bad boys to cut open medication packaging and wound dressing supplies. I recommend trauma scissors over traditional desktop scissors because they are designed to not cut the patient!


I currently use the Littmann Classic III, and I truly do love it! I received this stethoscope as present from my aunt and uncle (who are also nurses) as a congrats for getting accepting into nursing school. It’s crazy to think about how many hearts and lungs this stethoscope has listened to in the last 4 years!

Badge Reel

A major fun part of nursing is choosing a badge reel that makes you happy! I absolutely love my heart with glasses badge reel, because I am a CVICU nurse who wears clear lens glasses!

Apple Watch

A watch in general is a necessity for a nurse, but I highly recommend an Apple Watch. This watch lets me set timers for reminders, receive texts without having to have my phone out, tracks my activity, can be wiped clean easily, and much more!

Items not linked, but I always have in my caboodle:

  • Black and red pens (usually stolen from the hospital lol)
  • Snacks!
  • Sticky notes
  • Pill cutter
  • Chapstick
  • Travel size lotion
  • Gum
  • Small box of tissues (if you know me, you know me)

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